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Cop Flips Out When Not Allowed to Search Car

cop car.jpgI’ve been defending folks accused of crimes for 18+ years, and I’ve heard all sorts of stories regarding allegations of so called “permission” to search. After all, when a citizen grants an officer permission to search–he’s got a gun, flashing lights, shiny badge. It’s hard to say “no”, right?

Do you know what happens when a cop searches a car? Usually two things: a drug possession charge, or a possession of a concealed firearm charge. Thus, searches are an important aspect of defending a criminal case. This is where our Constitution sometimes requires a judge to step in and safeguard a citizen’s rights. In my years defending cases in Orlando, I’ve heard numerous citizen’s say “I really didn’t give the cop permission to search, he just started searching the car.” When there’s no video of the incident, how do such issues get resolved?

Well, almost like a sighting of big foot or a chupacabra, we’ve got one officer that forgot the video camera was rolling. Just to set this video up, please remember that it’s unreasonable for a cop to search your car on a traffic stop for speeding (or any other civil citation, for that matter). Yea, we all know this, right? Ok, check out this officer’s reaction in this youTube video:

Can you believe that video? If you haven’t watched it yet, go watch it! Alright, now that you’ve seen it, can you believe it? I can.

Basically, this sort of thing happens all the time. The problem is, it happens “off camera”. Cops are like good politicians, they know when the camera’s rolling. And, sometimes they forget….